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CalcSoft BV

your best source of constrution costs information

Calcsoft BV is the developer and designer of Bouwkostenkompas and is the source of all costs and figures appearing therein.
In addition to the standard online services and products Calcsoft is able to offer the opportunities for customise to integrate their applications with their cost information or create completely new bespoke applications.

The applications from CalcSoft BV
- BouwkostenKompas.nl
- Bouwkostencheck.nl
- Bouwkostenindex.nl
- Bouwleges.nl
- Editions Kengetallenkompas

For further details contact us.

CalcSoft BV
Rijksstraatweg 354a
2242 AC Wassenaar
t. 070-5145420
e. info@calcsoft.nl

Your contact for all your questions is: Dr AS Vonk (Arno)